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Escrow is a financial arrangement where a neutral third party holds and regulates payment of funds or assets on behalf of a buyer or seller. The purpose of an escrow agent is to ensure both parties fulfill their mutually agreed-upon obligations before the transaction is completed. This arrangement provides a level of security for everyone involved.

The expert escrow settlement services we provide offer convenience for both the buyer and seller by establishing a secure and reliable framework for transactions, fostering trust, and ensuring a seamless buying and selling process according to agreed-upon terms. During the process, the escrow agent keeps all parties informed of the transaction’s progress, compiles reports, manages loan commitments, and funds, oversees deeds, coordinates the parties’ document signing, resolves any claims or disputes, and handles other various items. Once all conditions are met, the escrow agent releases the funds or assets to the appropriate party, and the transaction is considered complete.

Select Escrow Services makes this process stress-free by taking care of all your escrow needs from beginning to end.

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