Park Terrace HOA

The words “homeowners association” (HOA) usually elicit two distinct reactions: a frown or a smile. An HOA may not be everyone’s favorite community aspect, but in reality, it is a tried and tested tool for the protection of a home’s value and for the enjoyment of a community as a whole.

Yes, an HOA comes with fees and restrictions, but it also comes with the knowledge that the community and your home will be maintained by professionals, unruly neighbors will be addressed by a third party, and your home’s value will increase as the community is maintained in a proper manner.

Benefits of Your Park Terrace Homeowners Association:

Low Maintenance

o Building exteriors, roofs, gutters and downspouts, front yards, common area landscaping, and private drive are all maintained by the HOA, giving you more free time to enjoy beautiful Bend and the Central Oregon Region.

o Your water & sewer bill is included in your HOA dues, minimizing the surcharge to each unit owner.


o Property insurance for your home’s structure and the community is obtained, reviewed and renewed annually by the HOA. Not only will you avoid the hassle & added cost of obtaining a townhome policy on your own (without its bulk discount), but you’ll also be free of worrying about whether or not your neighbor has enough insurance to cover the cost of replacing his or her unit, should a disaster occur next door and damage the common wall.

Community Management

o Neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking? Sheets hung as window treatments starting to look permanent? Our HOA will take care of all that for you. No more awkward conversations with your neighbors.

o The HOA is just a phone call away for any questions, concerns or repair issues you may notice; if you see a broken sprinkler, or are worried about the coming snowstorm, simply call the HOA.

o The HOA also manages the community’s annual budget and the long-term reserve fund.

Community Appearance

o When a community looks nice, landscaping is well-kept and exteriors are properly maintained the value of your home increases and its curb appeal on the market stands above homes in communities that have no control over these factors.


- Building exteriors, gutters & roofs, front porches

- Property insurance for your structure

- Front yard and common area landscaping

- Private drive maintenance and snow removal

- Common area lighting on garage fronts

- Project perimeter fencing

- Annual Budget & Long Term Reserve Fund management

Park Terrace 2018 HOA Fees: $195/month